How to Buy and Search Representatives at Reondistrict


I have seen many comments and posts from people who are unable to search the re-districts even after they have created an account. That's why I create a guide for the site so everyone has the opportunity.

Step 1: Create an account. If you have already done so, go to step 2. As with any other website, you usually create an account with your email address and password. So this step is easy.

Step 2: Send an e-mail. E-mail customer support at fashionreps and look at the products, but you may not be able to see them or find out how. They usually answer in an hour or two and unlock the pages for you.

Step 3: Wait a while. I waited about 4 hours and then I was able to access the section "New in" (where all the repetitions are).


Step 4: Enjoy Reondistrict! It's a great site with tons of very high quality reps, and I'm pretty sure they're rarely, if ever, confiscated. It is a Korean company that is not Chinese. So you do not need an agent to send directly to you, and I'm pretty sure it's a very fast delivery.

I hope this guide will help you in using Reondistrict and I hope you have a good day! Cheers.

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